We have been producing protection accessories since the first iPhone was released. Almost 15 years of experience have been rewarded with numerous certificates and mentions as well as granted patents and utility models.

Our offer consists of professional screen protectors, genuine tempered glass, unbreakable hybrid glasses, unique invisible cases and modern anti-shock cases. Different pricing and various technological solutions make it possible to find the product perfectly adapted to every customer's needs.

Axtel is a Europe-based, global brand specializing in the manufacturing of professional headsets, IP phones and webcams - delivering communication solutions dedicated to call centers and office industry. In the process of design, our users’ expectations and needs are the number one priority. The aim is to create products that facilitate the Client’s work most effectively. Taking advantage of modern sound technology, Axtel focuses on bringing more authenticity to your business conversations. Furthermore, the company not only follows the market trends, but also reaches beyond global quality standards, Axtel's primary goal is to create products that add value to the business. Sound quality, reliability and maximum comfort achieved through ergonomic design are the main features of Axtel products. Having created an extensive product portfolio for enterprises worldwide, Axtel continuously turns one-time customers into trusted business partners.


The World’s First Climate Positive CE Accessories Brand, guided by WWF. As a company who believe great design is driven by great values we have a responsibility to operate in a way that helps protect the planet for future generations. Through our partnership with the WWF, the world's leading independent conservation organisation, dbramante1928 are working for sustainable production for all our products and distribution, packaging, and energy consumption. We have set high ambitions and are committed to delivering on these targets: towards nature and climate positive guided by WWF.

From our hometown Stockholm, we create purposeful audio products to simplify choices for sound-savvy personalities around the world. Uniting Swedish design thinking with carefully selected forward-looking functions is what we’re all about. It’s even in our name: Design + function = Defunc. The result? Earbuds and speakers with the right sound for the right time. So, if you know what you want to do, we’ve got what you need to enhance your experience. This is why we’re here, since 2015 and beyond.

"LAUT" in German directly translates to "loud", but it also means to show distinction. Whether you want to set trends or embrace a more minimal personal style, our goal is to create phenomenal tech accessories that help you stand out. At LAUT, we’re fashion obsessed — constantly searching for the latest trend to bring to your device. We create designs to fit your aesthetic, and not the other way around. With our products, you can truly #LiveOutLAUT.

Combining fashion and function — no compromises

With over 10 years of experience creating tech accessories, we founded LAUT in 2013 so that people would no longer have to choose between style and protection when looking to accessorize their devices. Peace of mind and self expression are important to us, so we thought that they should go hand in hand.

We design solutions for your devices without compromising your style. LAUT redesigned the future by combining tech with lifestyle and fashion. We represent unique individuals who seek more than just a cover for their favorite devices. With over 800 new designs to choose from, our products are created to integrate into everyone’s lifestyle seamlessly while safeguarding their tech.

Maxcom is one of Europe's leading providers of telecommunications solutions - traditional telephones dedicated to specific target groups - especially the elderly. The company is dynamically developing other lines of business that follow the trends of a healthy lifestyle and electromobility (offering, among others, smart watches, fitness bands, electric scooters and, soon, innovative electric bicycle motors).

PanzerGlass has a market leading assortment when it comes to protecting your device regardless of if it is your own mobile phone or multiple devices for international business solutions. PanzerGlass is the manufacture of an award-winning product portfolio including screen protectors, mobile covers,

phone cases, PC Privacy, watch protectors, charging cables, automotive protection and Screen Cleaning solutions. PanzerGlass is taking responsibility and is finding unstainable solutions together with cutting-edge Technology. PanzerGlass extend the lifetime of your products.

Pivo Pod is a smartphone mount that allows influencers, YouTubers, vloggers, photographers, educators, athletes, realtors, equestrians, and casual creatives to capture high-quality video and images with ease. Pivo is sold worldwide through our website, pivo.ai. We offer an extensive line-up of pods, apps, accessories, and bundle packs.

At Tech21, we’ve been protecting the things you care about since 2005. Breaking boundaries, not phones, we were the first to engineer smartphone cases made from scientifically tested, shock-absorbing materials. We work alongside the world’s leading brands to create Apple iPhone cases, Samsung cases and pioneering products that give your tech a level of protection you won’t find anywhere else.

Tech21’s in-house science and materials team are always looking for ways to be smarter with our materials, pouring energy into new ideas that break entirely new ground when comes to protecting your devices. From multi-drop protection against everyday bumps and scrapes to 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly phone cases, we’re on a mission to bring you the smartest tech protection on the planet.

At TRUNK, we believe in changing the relationship with the things we own. Your shiny new laptop or iPad is more than a possession. It’s an investment you decided to make in yourself. That investment should last you a long time. And if we have any say in it, we want to make that happen. While we want you to look stylish when you’re carrying around your TRUNK sleeve, we also want you to have peace of mind knowing we’re doing our part in protecting what matters; your investment in yourself.

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